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Our Story

A four-decade-strong mindful breeding program founded by a female physician with a passion for the smartest, strongest horse breed ever, the Arabian. Using anatomical and historical knowledge, Scheherazade Arabian Farms ethically created the most BIOLOGICALLY SOUND Arabian while positively incorporating ancient Purebred Arabian traditions of CLOSE-UP BEAUTY and FIERY ENERGY.

As our founder finally concludes her breeding program, only the ‘cream of the crop’ remains: Arabians of all ages, diciplines, skill levels, proven Champion bloodlines are being offered for your consideration for the first time ever! Our Arabians are started with love and patience at the appropriate age biologically to ensure lifelong health and soundness. They undergo regular lessons with a top National-level professional trainer who values mental+physical horse health, well-roundedness and high performance standards. Raised with space to graze and gallop, essential for proper bone and muscle growth, our Arabians receive top nutrition as we have always farmed our own horse-grade hay and alfalfa on nutrient-rich acreage bordering New Mexico’s largest river.

Whether you seek your Champion show horse, your endurance racer to take you to the Tevis, your next project, your new addition to your own breeding program, or simply your trail-riding companion, our knowledgeable breeding and performance program yields the most biologically sound, versatile Arabians on the market today, and we hope our lovely Arabians become yours forever.

Welcome to our 2019 Estate Sale where we are offering our world class Arabians at highly discounted prices. Indulge yourself ~ shop for your DREAM ARABIAN.