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Pedigree & Ancestral Accomplishments

Whether or not you compete at horse shows, purchasing a horse with a “proven pedigree”– a lineage enhanced with ancestors who competed, maybe even won,– is invaluable on every platform. This confirms horses with the same genes were trainable, physically and mentally capable of executing challenging skills, built with elite athletic biology, and encompassed a soul that wanted work hard for their person. Whatever you plan to do with your horse, from a trail ride to the show ring, these Arabians are equipped with a natural foundation necessary to excel at anything with a little training and love.

Bred by a female Medical Doctor, the late Sharon Kettwich, with the utmost anatomical and genetic knowledge, plus knowledge in Arabian history, all horses here were bred scientifically, strategically, mindfully to create the ideal combination of the strongest Arabian genes: the complete historically and scientifically proven package with decades of proven MIND, BODY, SOUL running through their blood.